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General Information

What is a Kamado Grill?

Kamado cookers are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used for grilling or smoking but also pizzas, bread, pies and cookies can be baked effortlessly inside them.

Due to their excellent heat retention properties, high temperatures can be achieved and maintained by precise control of airflow via the top and bottom vents. High temperatures are ideal for fast cooking burgers and sausages whilst low heats will cook larger joints over a longer period of time. Why not try adding some wood chips to the charcoal or try combining different flavour wood chips to make your meats even more flavoursome.

What makes the Kamado Grill unique?

Unlike open grills that allow heat to escape and predominantly cook from below, the MOCA's shape efficiently circulates heat, ensuring uniform cooking.

In contrast to these grills, which demand more total heat to achieve the same temperature profile, the MOCA preserves moisture in your meat by keeping both heat and moisture securely within the grill.

The MOCA boasts precise air controls, empowering users to accurately regulate temperatures, unlocking a world of culinary possibilities. With a range of accessories available, users can embrace diverse cooking styles, leading to the ultimate braai (barbecue) experience.

Whether baking, roasting, searing, grilling, smoking, or even baking pizza, the MOCA Grill's adjustable airflow makes it adaptable for any culinary endeavor.

Remarkably, the MOCA's ceramic dome design accelerates heating, bringing the grill to cooking temperature in just 15 minutes, comparable to the average time it takes to heat a gas grill.

Furthermore, the MOCA proves exceptionally economical, offering up to 14 hours of cooking heat from a single load of charcoal.

Beginner Tips & Tricks

Temperature Control

Learning to control the temperature on a MOCA Grill is a bit like learning to steer a boat. Imagine you're driving a boat to a specific point. You wouldn't just speed there and stop suddenly, or you'd go past it. Similarly, when using the MOCA Grill, you need to be mindful of how you control the heat.

For lower temperatures, wait until a few pieces of charcoal are burning, then close the lid and adjust the vent openings to slow down the burn. If you light too much charcoal, it can be tough to get the temperature below 130 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, for higher temperatures, you can leave the lid open longer to achieve them more quickly.

How much you close the MOCA Grill to maintain a steady temperature depends on what temperature you want. Close it more for lower temperatures and less for higher ones. Figuring this out takes some practice, but with experience, you'll be able to go from wide-open vents to your desired temperature without overshooting it.

If you need to make bigger changes to the temperature, you might have to adjust both the top and bottom vents. Fine-tuning can be done by adjusting only the top vent. It's all about finding the right balance, and with time, you'll get the hang of it.

Charcoal Setup

To set up your MOCA Grill initially, make sure the holes in the grate are open to let air flow well. Put the bigger charcoal chunks first to keep the holes clear. Fill the firebox with charcoal, aiming for the line where the firebox ends and the fire ring begins. Don't worry about wasting charcoal; it's all good.

When you light it up again, use the ash tool to gently move the leftover bits around the grill. This helps the ash fall through the grid, leaving the charcoal that hasn't burned yet in the fire bowl. Take out the unburned charcoal and keep it aside for now. Clean the ash out of your MOCA Grill using the ash tool through the bottom vent after every 5 cooking sessions or when there's too much ash that might block the air flow.

Lighting your Charcoal

Please note that lighting the charcoal in the MOCA Grill is different from most other charcoal grills. Lighting it the wrong way can make it hard to control and may take away from the benefits of using the MOCA Grill.

With MOCA Grills, you can reach grilling temperatures in as little as 15 minutes, similar to a gas grill. But if you don't set up the charcoal correctly, use the wrong kind, or have a dirty MOCA Grill blocking airflow, you won't get such quick and efficient grill preparation times.

Once your MOCA Grill is clean and loaded with Charcoal, open both the top and bottom vents fully. Place one firelighter in the center of the charcoal. When the firelighter is well lit, start adding a few smaller lumps of charcoal above and around it, creating a well-ventilated 'cage.'

Keep the MOCA Grill lid open for about 5 minutes or until some of the charcoal burns without the help of the firelighter.

Extinguishing your MOCA Grill

To put out the unit, stop adding fuel and close all the vents and the lid to let the fire die down on its own. Avoid using water to extinguish the charcoal, as this might harm the ceramic components.


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