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Smokey Ribs Recipe

Smokey Ribs Recipe

For tender, juicy, fall-off-the-bone good ribs, fire up your MOCA Grill for The Ultimate Smoky, Sweet Ribs. 

Serves  4-6 people
Grill Time 4 ½ hours
Difficulty Easy

Large MOCA grill



  • Baby back pork ribs
  • 2 Tbs yellow mustard (optional)
  • 2 Tsp ground black pepper
  • 3 Tbs BBQ rub
  • ½ Cup packed dark brown sugar, divided
  • ¼ Cup squeezable buttery spread
  • ¼ Cup agave nectar or honey (optional)
  • Your favourite Smoking Wood Chunks


BBQ Sauce

  • ⅓ Cup ketchup
  • ½ Cup apple sauce/jelly
  • 1 Tbs apple cider vinegar
  • ¼ Cup packed dark brown sugar
  • 1 Tbs hot sauce
  • 1½ Tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • ½ Tsp dried minced garlic
  • ½ Tsp dried onion flakes
  • ¼ Tsp ground black pepper
  • ¼ Tsp roasted ground cumin
  • ⅛ Tsp ground coriander
  • ¼ Tsp chilli powder
  • Smoked salt to taste (about ½ teaspoon)



  1. Prepare your MOCA grill and setup the grill in Indirect cooking configuration, prepare and set the smoker box, heat to 120⁰C.
  2. Using the mustards as a binder, spread over the surface of the ribs and season with the black pepper and then the BBQ rub.
  3. Once the Smoke is faint and chunks have combustion, place the ribs in your rib rack and place in the centre of your grill and cook for about 2,5 hours.
  4. For the BBQ sauce, mix together in a pan over medium heat for about 15 minutes. Once done, allow to cool and blend until smooth.
  5. Lay a double layer of tin foil, enough to spread all the ribs in, you may want to have more than one square for ease of handling.
  6. In a small bowl mix 4 tablespoons of sugar and the buttery spread.
  7. Place the ribs on top of the foil and spread the butter/sugar mixture over the surface of both sides of the ribs (some honey can be added here if you like your ribs very sweet). Close up the foil and roll up the edges to ensure the juices can’t escape the parcel.
  8. Place back on the grill for 1 hour. Remove ribs from foil and collect about a quarter of a cup of the juices before putting the ribs back on the grill. Cook for another 0.5 -1 hour more, until tender.
  9. Add the collected juices to the BBQ sauce and mix well. Brush both sides of the ribs with the sauce and continue to cook for another 15 minutes.
  10. Serve with the remaining BBQ sauce.



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